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Aim a little lower. Realism promotes a positive mindset

It’s strange that right after the most indulgent month in the calendar year and maybe one of the biggest party nights (or not, as the case was this year for me, thanks norovirus), we are habitually conditioned to slam the ‘fun’ brakes on and acquire this strange fantastical belief that we will undergo a personality transplant overnight (only to renounce it within a fortnight).  The mental whirr goes that once ‘boring’ January arrives our lifestyle will radically change because after the indulgences we are now mentally surrounded by self-imposed hardcore rules that just because of the date will mean we WILL be a better version of ourselves.  It pedals the notion that we are not ever good enough particularly when you can’t drown out the racket of the weight loss brigade baying in the background alongside the beauty brands perpetually putting youth on a pedestal.   New Year has to mean a new you because your old familiar self is just not up to task they say from their disapproving tut-tut wagon as they peer down over you making you want to squirm at your own inadequacies.  

Yogis, I would like you to renounce this ludicrousness entirely and let you know that you as you is good enough. Let’s formally join the anti-resolution brigade and rid ourselves of these rigid promises to do something every single day and be a slave to this silly ‘new life’ format.  Reader it is oft proven that this approach is destined to fail and your self esteem along side it.  

May I suggest that for those of us who want goals that we aim a little lower instead?  Make the promises to self more reachable and more likely to succeed.  What about saying I’ll do something and I’ll try my best to stick to it.  Even if I don’t do it every single day.  Life is busy and unpredictable so if we don’t adhere to grandiose promises then the usual response is that we will completely abandon it and are then haunted by  the limp feeling of ‘I’ve failed again.’ Can we turn the approach around and say, I don’t need fixing but I would like to perhaps make some more time to do this or explore that and turn the internal monologue around  to instead say, ‘ok it was a crazy day but I still managed ten minutes, that’s good, it’s progress, I am not a bad person.’ And if you didn’t, guess what?  Tomorrow is a whole new opportunity to DO.

This could be anything that you want it to be - writing, reading, yoga, breathing (properly), meditating, putting your phone away for an hour, anything that is for YOU that you feel you intuitively want or need.

Personally, I’m going to resolve to do more cardio workouts even if they’re short (15 minute bike bursts a couple of times a week).  And to put on some yoga events with some collaborators for moral support and for reciprocal learning.   You never know, with less pressure and positive manifesting there might be an amazing year in store.  And the same might be true for you.  A little kindness to self goes a long way.

If you want to try and make some reachable goals and feel like coming to a class to practice and breathe with me, there are lots of opportunities in the calendar this month and for the rest of the year.  Taking the time to simply be present in the moment, concentrating on your in and out breath and how your belly moves as your breathe is a really simple but grounding practice.  And that it as simple as it gets; we can all do that.   And in keeping with the message of this mailer, it is not a huge grandiose ask to commit to one yoga class.  You might enjoy it and want to come back week on week or once a month…

I have put two new classes on in my local village halls and also resumed my Tuesday evening class.  See below for weekly timetable. All classes 75 minutes.  

Monday - 12.30pm Castle Camps Village Hall

Tuesday - 9.30am Wild at Heart Yoga studio (WAHYS) also 6.30pm - WAHYS

Thursday - 9.30am WAHYS also 12.30pm Helions Bumpstead Village Hall

Friday - 9.30am WAHYS

Drop in rates and class bundle rates available, see for details and to book.  Or contact me  

For any newcomers to my studio I am offering 25% off for you and the friend you refer during January.


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