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Monday yoga...

Dear Yogi's and Yoginis,

I hope this finds you well and ready for some well deserved sun and warm air forecast for tomorrow.

I have made the decision to host the yoga class that was taking place in the village hall on Monday's at 12.30pm to my studio instead. Although successful, the point of me reaching out to a bigger venue was to try and fill it and get more people to class. I have been doing this for some weeks now and week on week, the class size is usually enough to host in my small and intimate studio instead. As a small business I need to sense check all of my outgoings and it is more viable to bring you back to my space here at home to practice. I hope that you understand my decision.

Speaking to many of you it seems a morning session would work better so I have put on the booking system a class at 10am on Monday's now (until end May which takes us to half-term when there is no class). If there is demand for more I will happily put on a lunchtime class in addition to the morning one. I only need 2 people in studio to run a class (max capacity is 5).

The pricing plan is slightly more expensive in my studio than the village hall (extra investment is £5 per class) due to the size of the classes. Any current active class pass bundles, I will honour to use against any sessions here on Monday's only. Otherwise the usual studio rates will apply. Drop in and bundles available.

For those that can't make Monday - I also offer classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9.30am. And on Friday 9.30am and 11am.

To book your Monday or any other sessions and to invest in some well deserved me time click here.

Don't forget also the 3 hour long practice and home cooked lunch 'NOURISH ME' with our yoga community on various dates; Spaces are still available.

Dates are;

Sunday 21st April

Friday 26th April,

Friday 10th May

Saturday 18th May.

Start times 11am on Fridays and weekends 9.30am.

Thank you for your understanding and your continued support.

Om Shanti, Namaste. X

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