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Pose of the Week and New 'Nourish Me' mini retreat dates

It's a curious thing when babies are tiny we often wait impatiently for the day they can move more. Of course the first step is them building strength in their necks and learning how to hold their own heads up. Then comes the strength that their spine needs to sit upright. And if you observe a baby who has only recently learnt to sit, they hold their back beautifully long and engaged. Then the natural progression is they walk, run and jump and definitely move more. And then we spend a lot of the time telling them to SIT DOWN! And basically ask that they stop moving because that's what a lot of us adults in this day and age do more; we move less.

This progression to movement which we have been waiting for children to do can once they get there, feel like an inconvenience at times and we might crave when we could put them somewhere as a tiny infant and they would stay there.

The pose of the week this week is a simple one - so simple when we are tiny and small but which becomes increasingly difficult with age or is it more accurate to say, becomes increasingly difficult with lack of movement. Many of us were made to sit on the floor cross legged at school but if we were asked to do the same these days we might struggle, especially for long periods of time. It does not mean we are 'useless.' We may have had an injury or trauma on our knees or hips which means we simply can't sit like that. But in my experience as a yoga teacher I have very many people who have not had any significant injuries but they tell me they simply can't sit in cross legged position.

Is it rather a case of us avoiding things that are sometimes slightly uncomfortable? Has the difference between painful and uncomfortable become very blurry? The truth is, the less we do something the less we can do it. Or to use a cliched phrase, 'use it or lose it. '

We default to treating the body and mind as two separate entities. When actually they are very much attached. Yoga means to 'union.' The yolking back together of the body and the mind. Complaints and 'pains' become habitual and ingrained. Part of yoga's purpose is to rediscover and uncover the truth about how your body really feels.

If we can work on 'unstiffen-ing' the mind more, the body will naturally follow its lead.

Start small and realistic. Seated pose? Can I go there even for 4 breaths? And so you've begun.....

Pose of the week (for those who can and those that don't think they can)....

SUKHASANA (Seated pose, easy pose)

Sukhasana means 'easy pose.' The root of the Sanskrit name means 'pleasure.'

Good for meditation, restorative yoga and for pranayama (breath work). It is included in most yoga classes often book ending the class as many will begin and end here.

Like children we may default to fidgeting in seated pose. When here, as we begin practice it is good to close down the eyes and shut out external stimulants. Focus on the breath. Breathing in for a count of 4 and exhaling for a count of 4. Repeat. Increase the count if you want to breathe deeper.

It is a great pose for strengthening the back, a gradual and gentle hip opener and a good stretch position for the knees and ankles. The most important attribute in this pose is how it brings the spine into correct alignment. Tilting the chin towards the chest means the alignment extends into the back of the neck and the entire root to crown channel is elongated and lengthened. The natural drawing up of the spine begins to activate the belly and the sense of drawing up can be felt along the length of the front of the torso also. Mirroring the length at the back.

Shoulders are drawing down - imagine you are allowing the sharp points of the shoulder blades down towards the back of the waist. Clavicles are wide and long and the arms are relaxed in a position that feels comfortable - either on the knees - palms facing down or up or cradled in the centre inbetween the legs. Chest and rib cage are open and wide and there is a sense of them both gently rising up.

Option to prop a block on to the edge of your seat so that your hips are rising slightly higher up over the knees which are grounding down. If cross legged is not possible option to extend the legs in front of you.

Spring Mini Retreats

The 'NOURISH ME' mini retreat dates are back for Spring. These mini escapes to the studio and the surrounding wilderness have been very popular in the past and I am really pleased to be offering more dates as we move into the light.

There are so many wonderful exotic retreats to go on (that I get emails about daily!), but sometimes it is not feasible to go with work and family commitments.   These bite size mini retreats are intended to fit in with busy lives and more realistic budgets. They offer a chance to escape for three hours or so, just for you. We meditate, we move into an energising yoga practice and then we have a home cooked lunch together in the studio. Yogi tea on tap too! A chance to fill up body and mind beautifully.

Gift yourself a much deserved morning of yoga and a chance to connect with your fellow yogi's as we build our vibrant movement community.

To book, click here.

Sunday 21st April - 9.30am-12.30pm

Friday 26th April -11am-1pm

Friday 17th May - 11am-1pm

Saturday 18th May - 9.30am-12.30pm

Sunday 2nd June - 9.30am-12.30pm


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